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English Literature

The Category English Literature is Basically Belong to The Summary & Important Questions Of Chapter Of All Classes.

The Last Bargain Summary

The Last Bargain Summary Of Class 8

The Last Bargain Summary Or Summary Of The Last Bargain | The Last Bargain Poem Summary :-A bargain is an agreement in which both parties promise to do something for each other. Someone is...
Format Of Notice , Format Of Speech

Notice Writing , Notice Format , Topics , Examples , Samples , Tips For...

Format of Notice | Format of article writing | Format of Speech Writing | Writing section in English :-  In this article , I am going to explain the format of notice writing with an...
Geography Lesson Poem Summary

Geography lesson poem summary in English ?

Geography lesson poem summary in English | Geography lesson poem question and answers |Geography lesson poem class 8 :-Can you imagine what your town would seem like , If you saw it from 10...
The Ant And The Cricket Summary

The ant and the cricket summary.

The ant and the cricket story | The ant and the cricket poem summary :-The poem " the ant and the cricket " is about which is adapted from Aesop's Fable. This Poem Is...