Geography lesson poem summary in English ?

Geography Lesson Poem Summary

Geography lesson poem summary in English | Geography lesson poem question and answers |Geography lesson poem class 8 :-

Can you imagine what your town would seem like , If you saw it from 10 Thousand feet on top of the bottom ?
Neatly planned and excellent in proportion sort of a Geometric style , it’d strike you as one thing terribly completely different from what it really is whereas you’re within the thick of it.
Here is a poet’s description of just such a view of city.

Summary :-

The poem ” Geography lesson ” has been composed by poet Zulfikar Ghose . It is about the way Earth look from different altitude and it is divided into three parts.

The poem describe the poet’s opinion of the Land below when viewed from the sky . He finds the earth the least attractive from above and continuous going Higher Up . As the poet most here , he realize that the country is full of cities , villages and valleys.

This made him realize that people are completely dependent on land and water for their existence. At one point of time the poet also realize that there is more water on earth than land.

He also understand that there are many Boundaries on earth that leads to hatred among people.

Geography Lesson Poem Summary ( Important Word Meaning ) :- 

1 :- Inevitable :-  That Can Not Be Avoided.

2 :- Haphazard :- Without Plan Or Order.

3 :- Delineated :- Shown.

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Geography lesson poem summary in English | Geography lesson poem question and answers :- 

Geography lesson poem summary in English | Geography lesson poem question and answers :-

Questions 1 :-   Find three or four phrases in stanzas one and two which are likely to occur in a Geography lesson?

Ans :-

1 :- Seeing it scaled six inches to the Mile.

2 :- Why the country had cities where the river ran.

3 :- Why the villagers were populated.

4 :- Land and water attracted man.

Questions 2 :-  Seen from the window of an aeroplane , the cities appears ?

Ans :- As haphazard as on ground.

Questions 3:- Which of the following statement are example of ” The logic of geography ” ?

Ans :- 1 :- There are cities where there are rivers.
2 :- It is easy to understand why valleys are populated.
3 :- The Earth is round and it has more sea than land.

Questions 4 :- Mention two things that are :-

(1) :-  Clear from the height.

Ans :- It is clear from the height why the cities are near the river , why the valleys are populated.

(2) :-  Not clear from the height.

Ans:- The human being and Causes to hate among human beings . It is not clear from the height why man built walls across cities and why they hate each other.

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